Friday, December 14, 2012

By Any Means (Bay Area 2013) [SPT 004] SOLD OUT


21 Bay Area Bands circa (the start of) 2013

Neon Piss - Burn
Sourpatch - Say That I'm Not Over
Synthetic ID - Rewiring
Street Eaters - Dead Parts
Comadre - Cold Rain
No Statik - Male Gaze
Apogee Sound Club - Defiance
Index - I Tried To Deal
True Mutants - Morning
Hunting Party - Pleasure Island
Violent Change - Kill Your Mother

Permanent Ruin - Legacy/Vendido
C'est Domage - The Transitory Nature Of Modern Employment
Cold Circuits - Remote User
Saint Lorena - Filth Queen
Daikon - Carry Me Home
Replica - Strings
Endemics - Sutures
New Flesh - Kneel and Prey
Huff Stuff Magazine - Yeserdays News
Nasty Chrismas - Broken Road

released and unreleased songs.

You can download the whole thing from terminal escape.

if your in the UK or Europe inflammable material has some copies and you won't have to pay crazy shipping (or maybe less crazy shipping?)

a split release with ThrillhouseFully Intercostal.

400 Copies [feb. 2013]
150 Copies [Sept 2013]

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Neon Piss - lp & more [SPT 003] SOLD OUT

still has copies of the tape.

Neon Piss is a punk band in the bay area. You can listen to the first 8 songs (the lp) here.  The last two songs are on a 7" on vinyl rites

1. Tabula Rosa
2. Look Homeward Angel
3. No There Here
4. Peaceful Assembly 
5. Sickening Wind
6. Bullet In The Back
7. Siege Mentality
8. Golden State Advantage
9. Close The Door
10. Burn
songs repeat on side b

Tracks 1-8 recorded July 2011 for s/t LP on Deranged Records
Tracks 9/10 recorded August 2012 for 7" on Vinyl Rites
all songs recorded by Stan Wright at Buzz or Howl Studios, Portland, Oregon

A Split Release with Remote Outposts Analog & Pave The Amazon

1st 'pressing' 300 Copies (Oct. 2012)
2ed 'pressing' 200 Copies on Remote Outposts Analog/Pave The Amazon(Dec 2012) Red Tape Shells

Murmurs - Fly With The Unkindness [SPT 002] SOLD OUT


Tape Re-press on Aborted Society
LP Version by Dead Broke [usa]/Drunken Sailor [uk]

art by keith henderson

     Murmurs is a punk band in Seattle, WA. Jerome, Jordan, Jesse, and Derek. 


1. 35 Summers
2. Lil' 'merica
3. Dolorous
4. Rookery
5. Lunar Wolf
6. Starling
7. Snake Stories
8. Snow Angles

32 Minutes

1st 'press' 100 Copies (Oct. 2012) [white tapes, hand numbered]
2ed 'press' 75 copies (Nov. 2012) [yellow flame tapes]