Ordering Information

Tapes are $5 each
plus $3 (flat rate) shipping
wholesale available

paypal: alex_turner AT resist.ca
please submit your payment as a gift/friend/family


Stay Punk Tapes 
PO Box 22302
Oakland, CA 
Take a dollar or two off your order if you order by mail. 
Cash or Money Order made out to Alex Turner



• Burning Cop Car Buttons re-ordered.

Rats Rest, The ChainDivers, and one copy of the Displeasure demo tapes available. (2/11/17)

• Free burning cop car stickers (while they last)

• Hidden cash, checks/money orders made out to alex turner.

•You can (almost) for sure find them at Thrillhouse Records (3422 Mission St. San Francisco) and Econo Jam Records (2519 Telegraph, Oakland). It never hurts to check thrift stores, distros, punk stores, free boxes, or the trash.

• If you don't live in the usa get in touch for postage (you'll pay actual postage, it's expensive)

• Trades considered.

• Wholesale available